Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts list

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts list

Microsoft launched windows 10 with new operating system’s features and interface. This is really user friendly for all Windows operating system lover.

Windows 10 introduced some new shortcuts features of Windows user. So, today i will show you,How to Windows 10 Use with Keyboard Shortcuts. I hope you will enjoy this features.
Let’s start.

Checkout How to Windows 10 Use with Keyboard Shortcuts:

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts list:

* Snap A Window Left/Right: Windows key+Arrow key left/right
* Snap A Window To A Quadrant: Windows key + Up or Down (after moving left or right)
* Create new virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + D
* Close current virtual desktop: Windows key + Ctrl + F4
* Cycle through desktops to the left / right: Windows key + Ctrl + Left / Right
* Minimize all windows in the background except active window: Windows key + Home
* Open Task View interface (to see all the virtual desktops you have running): Windows key + Tab
* Open Windows 10 Action Center: Windows key + A
* Open Windows Settings: Windows key + I
* Open Taskbar program (1, 2, 3…): Windows key + Number (“1” opens the first program pinned in the taskbar, and so on).
* Open Start button context menu: Windows key + X
* Open the Game DVR recorder: Windows key + G
* Start recording current activity on screen: Windows key + Alt + G
* Stop recording: Windows key + Alt + R
* Open Cortana for voice input: Windows key + Q
* Open Cortana for text input: Windows key + S
* Take a screenshot and save it to the Pictures folder: Windows key + PrtSc
* Grab screenshot of the whole screen and save it to the clipboard: PrtSc
* Grab screenshot of the current window and save it to the clipboard: Alt + PrtSc
* Optional For more advanced functionality, Windows 10 comes with a built-in utility called Snipping Tool. You can also use a third party app like Monosnap.
* Highlight text to the left of cursor: Shift + Left
* Highlight text to the right of cursor: Shift + Right
* Copy selected text to clipboard: Ctrl + C
* Paste text from clipboard into command prompt: Ctrl + V
* Select all text after prompt: Ctrl + A

This Old Shortcuts, But good for fast work.

* Open the Task Manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
* Open the Run dialog box: Windows key + R
* Minimize all windows: Windows key + M
* Restore minimized windows on the desktop: Windows key + Shift + M
* Maximize window: Windows key + Up arrow
* Minimize window: Windows key + Down arrow
* Zoom in or out using Magnifier: Windows key + Plus sign (+) / Minus sign (-)
* Close the active window, or exit the active app: Alt + F4
* Display properties for the selected item: Alt + Enter
* Switch to recent window: Alt + Tab
* Rename the selected item: F2
* Search for a file or folder: F3
* Display the address bar list in the File Explorer: F4
* Refresh the active window: F5
* Activate the menu bar in the active window: F10
* Lock your PC: Windows key + L

I hope you can fast operate of your Windows 10 operating system computer, If you follow above keyboard shortcuts commend. Checkout my another article How to Windows 10 Free Upgrade.
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